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#TheStoop 11/18/15

Welcome to The Stoop, a place where we dissect current issues and give you honest unbiased and sometimes funny opinions. Myself and my website/movie critic guy Pierre (I call him Skateboard P) will be asking and giving you our opinions on the questions, if you want to give your two cents or get involved in whatever way shoot us a comment below.

Chi-raq trailer: 

1.) After watching both Chi-Raq trailers are you disappointed in what you seen so far, and would you feel better if it was a Chicago director doing a film based on activities in Chicago?

PR:I am disappointed in what I have seen so far. To my own fault, I guess I thought it was going to be more of a documentary type of movie. The first trailer made it seem like Chiraq was going to be comedy. I don't think it matter where the director comes from, I just feel a movie about Chiraq shouldn't be a satire.

EP: I agree with you about it not mattering where the director comes from, do your research, interview the right people and find the right staff to do the film with. I'm not disappointed with the trailers, can't critique 2-3 minutes of a 2 + hour film, however if the film is what most of the people from Chicago is thinking...

billboard names top ten rappers of all time:


2.) Looking at the billboard top 10 rappers list there is one rapper listed that come from the 2000-15 era (Kendrick Lamar) . Instead of asking for our respective top list (we'll wait to do that on another topic piece) is there a artist from the 2000-current era you would put in your top 10 or top 15? If so who?

PR: I don't have anyone from the 2000 era I would include. I would remove Wayne from the list tho lol

EP: Man there are some talented rappers that have come from the era...none are on my list. Kendrick is my favorite right now but he still have a way to go to get on the list, as well as the others. Time is on their side...Pac should be on that list btw. Something we should all agree with.


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