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Throwback REA Radio Interview With Ausar


REA Radio began on March 11th of 2018 and we were fortunate enough to interview so many dope creatives from Chicago and across the country. All of those interviews aired on a local radio station in Lisle and we have only posted just a faction of those interviews on the site, so after digging in the vault we thought it would be best to release some of our favorite interviews from 2018. Meeting and chopping it up with Ausar on Memorial Day weekend is a day I personally won’t forget anytime soon. The man is sitting on so many songs that have yet to see the light of day, and to hear the progression with his music from his debut EP “Lazarus” to his most recent single “Familiar” you can only imagine what he has in store for 2019. Sit back and get to know more about Ausar and hear his experience opening up for hip hop legend Rakim, performing in front of Wyclef Jean (he also got to be on Wyclef’s most recent mixtape release), why he feels Biggie is better than Tupac and so much more. It was a pretty dope interview and we look forward to having more conversations with Ausar this year on REA Radio.


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