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Album Review: Fessa- Fessa (Album)


Let’s get this straight. As a journalist, I am not much of a fan of trap artists and trap production that is now prevalent than ever in hip-hop music. Though, that perspective has changed a bit. This is in thanks to the artist now known as Fessa (once known as Professor Mic) and his latest self-titled album FESSA. It is his wordplay, flow, and delivery where one can actually hear the pronunciation of lyrics opposite of the dreadful mumbling with no substance are reasons to vibe out to the entirety of the album. FESSA, acclaimed for its street bops serves as grimy (“MIA,” “Southside”), potent in grit (“Ambition”), and incinerated with cockiness and rawness (“T Top,” “Sumn to Sample”). The glorious FESSA is an impeccable album to be released at the fourth quarter of 2018.

Hector De La Rosa

Twitter: @Here_2_Edutain_

IG: unleashing_my_inner_illmatic

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