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Hip Hop Artist Pennjamin Bannekar Kicks Off The Year With "Pennjamin Bannekar Presents 2019"


To see the evolution of an artist, whether mainstream or independent, is ultimately humbling yet gratifying. Chicago’s Pennjamin Bannekar is exemplification of advancement from his induction to the trio Project Fresh to becoming a dominant solo independent artist. Already having a richly layered discography that incorporates infectious R&B hooks with inventive wordplay, the emcee/songwriter goes the distance in delivering fanatics the hip-hop delicacy Pennjamin Bannekar Presents 2019…

Instead of delivering another album, the emcee deemed a marketing guru of sorts will release thirty-six songs in 2019, three songs a month. This review begins by going backwards from analyzing his current to the first single released the beginning of January.


The most recent “Background Check,” featuring the remarkable vocals of Lokachiran, has the soulful production of old Kanye West that compliments Pennajmin Bannekar’s lyrical journey to memory lane. He chronicles his upbringings and the very things that make him the person and artist he is today. What is beloved about this track is it seamlessly blends two melodies in one. It is virtuoso when he slowly raps the first half of the song reminiscing on life and speeds up the flow and delivery the second half as the melody switches suggesting life passes you by fast (fast forward to present day).


Visitor,” is a melodic song released in the middle of the month that has gotten the emcee much notoriety and positive reviews. The name dropping of cities from Los Angeles to Atlanta in song is viewed as a ‘raise your hands in the air’ anthem that tells fanatics to embrace him as a tourist or artist that comes to a town near you fresh off the plane or tour bus. It is the best thing since Ludacris’ “Area Codes.”


I Know It,” serves as the most notable single released in the beginning of the month- the immaculate tune to kick off the year. It is vibrant in flow and dynamic in delivery. Perhaps, the message in song resonates to those entrepreneurs, emcees, singers, actors, and ‘get the bag’ chasers. In society and in hip-hop, there is a rule that an artist or entertainer has to be a certain age to acquire prestige and success. If not, he or she needs to hang the mic up calling it quits. This inspirational anthem is a reminder not to give up on your dreams despite the standards society imposes.

Pennjamin Bannekar Presents 2019…demonstrates the art of reinvention. No matter his age, Pennjamin Bannekar is young, flashy, and the flyest- an emcee who gives the mic a pulsating heartbeat.

-Hector De La Rosa

Twitter: @Here_2_Edutain_

Instagram: unleashing_my_inner_illmatic


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