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REA Radio: Interview With The Cool Kids

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In case you have been under a rock or just don't know, myself and my business partner Teese Walker have been hosting a radio show out in Lisle, IL titled REA Radio. Over the past five months we have covered many events and interviewed so many creatives and will continue to do so, however I have been figuring out where would be the right platform to release these interviews, why not my own website!!! So let's start this off with a goody, The Cool kids came to the hip hop scene around 10 years ago and took Chicago and the world by storm. They recently reunited and released their latest project "Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe" last year and we were fortunate enough to catch a interview with them before they opened up for Slick Rick at a show in Evanston a few weeks back. Click play to see how cool, funny and real these brothers are, and keep clicking on the site for more exclusive REA content. You can also listen to REA Radio every Sunday from 12-2pm on 88.9FM Lisle or online at


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