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Album Review: R.O.E. - Better Late Than Never (BLTN)


When hip-hop, jazz, and soul had intercourse, they produced the offspring Chicago native R.O.E. - a hip-hop artist whose discography gets better with time more ostensibly in the acclaimed Better Late Than Never (BLTN). It was released at the peak of the celebratory Black Music Month when Nas, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Kanye West, and Pusha T released musical opuses and at the same time when trap artists and their respective albums are cull and insubstantial.

BLTN is opposite of grunt and harebrained- a good vibes type of album blasted through car speakers while cruising down Lake Shore Drive. It is praised for its golden era nostalgia, production that ranges from A Tribe Called Quest to Soulquarians, flavored vocal qualities reminiscent of Black Thought of The Roots, Buckshot of Black Moon, to Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler of Digable Planets while R.O.E. having his distinctive voice.

Singles like the impetus “No Time To Waste,” the jocund “High,” the leering “Cruise,” and the galvanizing “Right There” featuring Sam Trump who puts the soul in crooner serves Elysian for hip-hop die hard fanatics making Better Late Than Never Immaculate.


-Hector De La Rosa

Twitter: @Here_2_Edutain_

Instagram: unleashing_my_inner_illmatic


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