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Loop Theory Shines On First Posse Song "The Devil's Curiosity"


Looking for a new music collective that gels together, look no further than Loop Theory who just released their first collaborative effort “The Devil’s Curiosity” featuring all members of the collective (rappers Navarro, Dre Izaya & Brittney Carter, production by Disrupt and Heir Porter). Straight hip hop on this one, dope beat and each artist display their own lyrically abilities on the mic. We recently did a interview with Brittney Carter and Heir Porter on #rearadio and can’t wait to see what this collective has in store in the near future.

“The Devil’s Curiosity” can be heard below, and if you are a fan of Brittney Carter’s or just are interested in going to a good show this week, you can catch her and some other talented artists at The Emporium this Wednesday for FREE. Tickets are still available here.

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