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Alexander Mack Debuts New Single "Small Time" Off Upcoming Project


So while I haven’t been writing blogs for a while now, that didn’t mean I didn’t keep my ears in tuned with raw talent. Been a huge fan and supporter of Alexander Mack for over a year now, his style from the fashion sense as well as his music is different than the current norm. Listening to Mack I personally get that throwback 80s/90s feel of good fun party music without cursing and everyone dancing and having a good time, along with his own original style and flow.

Alex not only raps but he is a producer and piano player, he’s a true musician. After putting out singles to build his brand and doing different shows across the country to get a bigger following Alex is now ready to release his first full length project. I had the pleasure to speaking to Mack a few days ago and while he wouldn’t tell me the title of the project, he sounded extremely excited about it and everything that is about to come his way once it is out for the world to digest. He released the first single “Small Time” a day after our interview and it doesn’t disappoint at all.

Coming from a small town in Virginia Alex has had to deal with people doubting him and telling him his dreams aren’t reachable and he should go in another direction with his life, but Alex used that as motivation instead and kept getting better at his craft and this is the what “Small Time” entails. We truly don’t have the answers to what our future brings, it is up to us to define who we are and what we are becoming and to continue to improve on that, take the good with the bad, and just live, learn and inspire throughout the process. I am very excited to see and hear what Alex has in store for his project and you will hear my conversation with him on #rearadio very soon, in the meantime check out “Small Time” below, download and purchase it on any of your favorite streaming platforms, and be on the lookout for his debut album!!!

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