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Josi Green Releases Latest Project "Bad Habits"


Josi Green’s music came across my phone a few months back and while I still have not listened to his entire back catalog, I can clearly hear what he’s capable of as a artist. So after hearing he was dropping his latest project “Bad Habits” I had to give it a listen and i am glad i did that. The entire tape is produced by Gold Haze with some additional production and total music engineer work by Ro Marsalis. If your are a 90s lover then you will love the samples chopped up all on this tape, and they perfectly go with Josi’s lyrics and flow. Gold Haze and Josi work extremely well together and I hope this isn’t the last project they do together. All the songs stand out but “LOML” stands out the most with the Brian McKnight sample and Josi’s message to his unborn child. The features on the tape (Ro, Ausar, Chi Adkins) also blends very well.

I can go on about how much I enjoyed this tape but I much rather let you the reader decide for yourself how much you like it, “Bad Habits” can be heard below.

Erick P.

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