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Don Of CashOverClout Premieres New 3D Video "Look"


This isn’t Don Of CashOverClout first time getting a write up on the blog, Don’s the homie, we go back damn near five years and he was my main event curator in 2016 when I was booking venues for music showcases. Don is also a man of the people, he put out his latest single “Look” a few months back and after hitting 10,000 streams on Spotify (a big deal in my eyes) he decided to release the official video for “Look” to the world. The song itself is catchy and easy to follow, a formula Don has truly mastered . For the video Don enlists Director Shibuya Tyson and 3D animator Maxx Renn to help bring the song to life, it’s a refreshing and creative approach a lot of rap videos today lack in my opinion, being different and bringing something different to the table.

You can judge for yourself and watch the video below, and if you like the song “Look” is available to stream and purchase on all streaming platforms. We will be having Don on our #rearadio show soon to talk about the many things he has going on, and as always, Cash Over Clout.

Erick P.

Instagram - @ep_rea

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