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On The Rise: Vintage Soundz With Producer Big O

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and is prepping for 2018! Going forward this will be one of the outlets I will use to post and interview artists/creators/curators who I feel you will be hearing more about in the near future. Who better to start this off with than hip hop producer Orlando "Big O" Turner. The American born producer has been residing in the UK for the last few years, but that hasn't stopped him from making noise here in the states.  We talked about all his 2017 projects as well as some other things, including his future. Take a listen to his sounds (which are available on most streaming outlets) and you can follow him on Twitter and IG @BigCapitalO.
So let's start at the beginning, when did you know that you wanted to be a music producer, and how long have you been honing your craft?
I've always been fascinated with the beats rather than the lyrics growing up. The tracks that set that off for me were "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me" by The Geto Boys & "Treat 'em Right" by Chubb Rock. I used to be the one providing the beat on the lunch room tables at school for people to freestyle over. I knew I wanted to be a serious producer back in  when I heard "The Next Episode." The first software I've ever used was this program called eJay and that shit was horrible, but back then we all thought that it was the most amazing thing ever lol. I've been making beats since '03. I've started out on eJay software and now I'm on Logic Pro X and using the MPC.
 I see you moved out to the Bay Area for a bit, how was that experience like?
The Bay Area was cool as hell man. I received so much love out there and started networking a lot more when I moved out to the west coast in general. It was also the time I got to work with Timbaland as a lighting Technician for one of his concerts inside the Palace Hotel back in 2013. I also got to meet and come across some legends when I was out there such as Mistah F.A.B., Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Camp Lo & Black Milk. 
Any word of advice any of those legends shared with you that still hits home with you today?
Basically told me to keep grinding & working on perfecting my craft. I have been told by Skyzoo that my beats are dope so that's gonna stick with me forever.
What lead to the move to the UK, and has your sound improved since the move out there?
I came out here in 2014 for a Job opportunity, it was also dealing with live sound, but I didn't stay there very long. I would definitely say my sound has improved since I've been out here. Dare I say it's gotten better. The environment in London and the people I've come across has definitely played a part in my (new) sound.
Instead of asking who inspired you to get into music, if you had a opportunity to sit in on a session with a producer of your choice, who would it be and why?
I have to admit this is a good ass question lol. I actually had the opportunity to chop it up with DJ Premier, Black Milk & Pete Rock, but if I could sit down with any producer.... it will definitely be The Alchemist. Man, I just wanna ask him what really goes through his mind when he makes those beats he be making. He's definitely one of my favorite producers to ever do it.
When did you establish your relationship with Queens rapper L.O.U., and how long was the process making "The South Side Of Things"?
We actually linked through facebook and he went through my Soundcloud to hear what my beats sounded like. We first made a track called "Peace (Within Myself)," but we never released it. Instead we decided to work on "The South Side of Things" and it took us a little over a year to complete the project.


Any chance "Peace (Within Myself) will be released, better yet, can I hear it? Haha
Lol I can assure you that you will hear that track one day. All I have to do is clear things over with the homie L.O.U. and I'll release it for the world to enjoy haha.
You recently released "Between Memories & Choices", tell me a bit about that, is there a certain sound/message you are trying to get across?
Well "Between Memories & Choices" was basically sounds reminiscing about my childhood, hence the titles. Tracks like "A Young Boy's Imagination" & "Random Thoughts of You" represents the memories I had as a young boy.... thinking of things like spaceships and aliens (I used to have an obsession with those things growing up) & tracks like "Hard Work Pays Off" & Final Destination" represents the choices I've made as a man in life. There wasn't a specific sound or message I was going for when I made this project to be honest. I just wanted to make a beat tape that reflected my life while introducing the world to my sound.
Word, when I first heard it I thought it had a outer space type vibe to it. Would you say you have a distinct sound or it's ever evolving as you get used to working with other artists and learning new thing?
 I would say that it's a bit of both. Whenever I work with an artist I would always take MY signature sound and try to mix in something else that will suite that particular artist sound. I never want to make a beat that sounds too much like my idols or like what's already on the radio.
It's too many clone producers in the industry as it is and I want to distant myself from that as much as possible. Besides, individuality stands out the most in anything and I want to be known as the producer that made his mark in this game with his own sound and style instead of another producer that just sounds like everyone else.


When are you looking to bring in additional talent with your Vintage Soundz imprint?
I would say maybe in two years or so. I want to make sure I'm in the right position to not only take care of myself, but other artist as well.
What else can we expect from you coming up?
I just released "The Light of Day - EP" on Dec. 22nd and I plan on starting a series with L.O.U. called "Booth Confessions" and part one will be dropping everywhere on all digital stores and platforms sometime in February along with a music video.
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